Quietest Cordless Vacuum

Most Efficient Handheld Vacuum

Why people love it
  • Powerful, efficient little vacuum cleaner
  • Compact enough for use at home, in the car, anywhere
  • Good suction and air filtration, highly versatile yet beautifully quiet

Highly powerful motor, efficient battery charging, long battery life, quiet operation, wet/dry, easily cleaned, powerful suction, lightweight, ergonomic design, great for pet hair, universal attachments included

Not the easiest to clean, filter must be cleaned after each use.



If you want efficiency, you'll love this handheld vacuum cleaner. It's lightweight (less than 3.3 pounds), comfortable to grip thanks to its ergonomic design, and offers surprisingly potent suction thanks to its 90-watt motor. Yet, despite its high power, you'll love how quietly it operates.

The battery life on this vacuum cleaner is around 30 minutes, though it'll be less on the highest setting. Charge time is only 4 hours, so you'll have no problem getting two or three passes at your home every day. The Lithium ion batteries are non-toxic, hold more battery life, and charge faster than most of the other vacuum cleaners on our list.


The vacuum cleaner isn't too fancy: it comes with your basic nozzles, attachments, and add-ons. The air filter isn't HEPA, but it does help to reduce allergens and dust. However, you'll need to clean it with EVERY use. Sadly, cleaning can be a bit of a chore, as it takes a bit of fiddling to figure out how to dismantle the vacuum cleaner.

However, the wet/dry operation makes it useful for everywhere in your home, and you'll find it does an excellent job keeping your spaces clean. 

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it's quiet. The appliance is designed to generate less noise while in use, all without affecting suction power. It's the quietest vacuum on the market!


At less than $50, this is a well-priced vacuum cleaner that delivers quality at a reasonable cost. It's efficient, powerful, reliable, and comfortable to use. What more could you ask for in a vacuum cleaner?

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