Best Anal Vibrator

Pink Anal Tickler
  • Made just right for anal play
  • Great option for beginners and couples
  • You’ll feel the vibrations all the way through

For the most part, vibrators seem to be made with the implicit goal of helping a woman achieve an orgasm through the stimulation of the clit and/or G-spot. That’s why we love the Pink Anal Tickler—female, male, couples, whoever… If you want some fun vibrations inside your anus and know that a toy made for a vagina just won’t do, give this a try.

Many customers have commented on the intimidating length of the vibrator. However, it’s better to have longer sex toys when you’re inserting them into your anus. That way, you don’t have to worry about them sliding in and getting stuck.


Noise Level: No major complaints about how loud this toy is.

Stimulation: The great thing about this vibrator is that you’re going to feel it from end-to-end, so whether you want to stimulate just the outside of your anus or want to feel it all the way through to your P-spot, the choice is yours!

Strength: In terms of the vibration, you won’t have issues with orgasming from the vibration. However, some customers say that it’s not thick enough (which is why it’s ideal for beginners or couples-play).

Special Features: Nothing special here. Just a smooth-coated anal vibrator for your P-spot delights.

Price: This is a great price for a great starter vibrator.


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