MachForce Screw Drive 2 HPc Garage Door Opener with Aladdin Connect

Best All-in-One Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener and Motor

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Why people love it
  • Easy installation (and well-written instructions)
  • Built-in Aladdin Connect system
  • Strong and sturdy 2HP motor

Aladdin Connect is pre-installed on this 2HP screw-drive opener motor. It connects to Car2U without a compatibility bridge and it’s both cost-effective and easy to install.

Aladdin Connect doesn’t link to any home automation systems (except IRIS) and not everyone has a good time working with the app.


This is one of the strongest garage door motors you can find – it’s got a full 2 HP, which means you can expect it to manage heavy garage doors (as long as they’re segmented). And, it will still manage to do so quietly and swiftly.

Even with the speed, there’s a smooth start and stop, though it will jolt a bit if you stop it in the middle. You can do that from the app, along with the wall-mounted button, the remotes, or even the control box itself.

And, as far as the app goes, it’s not a bad one once you manage to get it working. (The app feedback isn’t always as strong as it could be, though users with this particular garage door don’t seem to have a problem.)

You can set up to 20 users, each with different levels of control – and for whatever time period you specify. That’s way more advanced than the MYQ system – and it’s one solid reason to choose a Genie motor over a Chamberlain one.

Another plus is the built-in Car2U connection which only Genie offers without a compatibility bridge. It also connects to HomeLink, so no worries there.

What it doesn’t do is link to a whole host of home automation systems. All you get is IRIS and you can’t even link it up with IFTTT at the moment. Hopefully, this is something they’ll change soon.

That said, the app does allow for plenty of programming including time parameters (both for how long your door should be open and to do something at a specific time). Each user can also determine what sort of alerts he or she wants, which really does make a difference.

On top of all that, the instructions are clear, installation is easy, and customer service is friendly, making this a solid option if you’re after a complete (and quiet) system.

Max doors: 1 - it’s the screw-drive opener motor as well as the Smart system and can support a 7’ sectional door. With the extension kit, it will also manage an 8’ door.

Integrates with: The Aladdin Connect system (sadly) only integrates with the IRIS Home Automation System (Lowe’s). Hopefully a wider range will be available soon. That said, it does connect to both HomeLink and Car2U (Genie is the only brand that supports the latter without a compatibility bridge).

Garage door compatibility: This is the screw-drive motor as well as the opener system.

Connects via: WiFi (though the sensors communicate with the built-in Aladdin Connect system via Bluetooth)

Home automation hub required: Absolutely none.

Compatible apps: Aladdin connect: you’ll need to download the app from the App Store or the Play store

Compatible devices: Apple (8+) and Android 4.4+) tablets and Smartphones

Geofencing: No

Number of users: You can set up to 20 authorized users, which is a real bonus compared to the MyQ system which really enables just the 1. And, you can set time and access parameters for each user, including a time period, after which, access is revoked.

Video capability: None

Additional features: The side LED lights illuminate the path to the garage door nicely. It’s possible to program time parameters. And, unlike many other apps, you can also see if your door is partially open as well as fully opened and fully closed. Intellicode rolling code technology automatically changes the access code every time you use it to prevent unauthorized use.

Alerts: You can set plenty of different alerts according to your needs. You could want to know when the garage is opening or be notified if the door is still open after 2 hours. The parameters are up to you – and you can also see a history of who’s accessed your garage and when. You can even receive a alert if the door was manually accessed.

Installation: This is, by all accounts, an easy unit to install and program. The instructions are clearly written and you should be able to manage this with limited DIY experience. That said, it is definitely easier when you have 2 sets of hands and you should rope someone in to help you if you can.

What’s included in starter pack: Opener motor, batteries, hardware, 2 remote controls, wall switch, wiring and easy-to-read instructions.

What else will you need: You shouldn’t need anything else.

Costs and warranties: For $250, you get the screw-drive motor, the openers, and the built-in Aladdin Connect, which makes this a real value-for-money unit. In addition, there’s a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and screw drive system. You’ll get 5 years for parts and 1 year for accessories. And, Home Depot offers an optional 2-year protection plan if you want it.

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