Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit

Most User-Friendly Home Hydroponics System

Why people love it
  • Simple and highly versatile system
  • Good quality buckets, hoses, and pump
  • Set-up is a breeze

Includes four 5-gallon buckets, comes with everything you need to grow your own plants, 1-year warranty, makes growing plants super easy, durable, reliable, versatile, and one system for four different growing options.

Doesn't include nutrients, pH test kit, or growing media.


Setup: This is a larger version of our top-rated hydroponic system. It includes four 5-gallon buckets instead of just one, and the kit comes with the hoses required to connect each to the pump. All you have to do is fill the buckets with the specific amount of water, hook up the hoses and pumps, and add the plants. You can get growing in 20 minutes or less.

Ease of Use: This kit doesn't include a top feed watering system for your plants, which will require a separate pump for each bucket. However, it's designed to immerse the plants' roots in water, allowing them to absorb water through their roots for simple hydroponic growing. The kit is incredibly simple to use, though you'll need to buy your own growing media, pH test kit, and plant nutrients.

Capacity: Each bucket comes with a 6-inch net pot lid, which provides you with enough space to grow three to eight plants per lid. The fact that there are four buckets means you have a lot of growing space to use for whatever plants you want to cultivate.

Price: At $100, this system is fairly well-priced, if slightly on the costlier side. You'll end up paying more if you want to upgrade the system (adding top feed watering), but for a beginner kit, it's a really great deal.

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