Best Hair Straightening Brush for Thick of Wavy Hair

Apalus Straightening Hair Brush
  • Comes with hair clips and gloves for added convenience
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Works fast
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It’s hard not to be drawn to this gorgeous styling product because of the glamorous color and design, but it’s also incredibly versatile and suitable for all hair types and lengths. Aside from decorating your bathroom shelf or dresser, the Apalus Hair Straightening Brush will heat up quickly and even hydrate and nourish hair if paired with essential or Moroccan oil, making it a great option for dry or damaged hair.

As with any styling tool, some quality control issues have been reported.


Performance: The Apalus Hair Straightening Brush will reach full temperature in under a minute and will also maintain that temperature throughout the entire duration of use. In addition to straightening hair in minutes, the brush head is also effective at detangling frizzy or unmanageable hair in an instant.

Features: This brush is automatically programed to heat to 365 degrees—perfect for delicate to normal hair. However, it can be adjusted to 410 or even 450 degrees for very thick or wavy hair. The ceramic plates are 25% longer than competitor brands, and the brush structure design is great for root to end straightening. Additionally, the no-scald tip will prevent burning of the scalp or hands.

We also love that this straightening brush includes an auto shut off feature because, well, mornings.

Price: You should be able to snag this baby for right around $26 on Amazon, which we find to be an amazing deal. Oh, and did we mention it’s eligible for Prime too? Hello, two day shipping!


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