Best Hair Straightening Brush for Thin or Fine Hair

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DAFNI was one of the first brands to bring the hair straightening brush to market and since then the price of this product has decreased from $300 to just under $50. Aside from the amazing price, this styling tool will cut styling time in half and create a beautiful blowout effect in under 5 minutes.

Only features one temperature setting, 365 degrees, so it’s a bit too hot for thin hair and not hot enough for extremely thick or very curly hair.


Performance: The DAFNI ceramic coated hair straightening brush heats up to 350 degrees in under 60 seconds and straightens, detangles, and de-frizzes within minutes. Perfect for all hair types—thin, fine, colored, coarse, dry, oily, curly, and, of course, normal hair. The patented 3D technology works 8 times faster than traditional flat irons, but is still safe for daily use.

Features: While this brush does not have much in the way of features, it does include four LEDs which will light up to let you know the brush is ready to use. Unfortunately, the bristles are not quite as soft as those of the FemJolie, but they are still designed to heat safely without burning the scalp or hair.

Price: Just under $50, the DAFNI is not the least expensive straightening brush on our list. However, it’s pretty middle of the road in terms of price and definitely worth every penny.


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