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Why people love it
  • Good choice for anyone with a smart, connected home that they want to integrate with their sleep
  • Great way to keep track of your nightly sleep trends without wearing a device
  • App is free and easy to use to control your smart mattress topper

Unfortunately, this technology is just too brand new and there are many valid complaints about this smart mattress topper. While that doesn't make it unworthy of a purchase, it does mean you should educate yourself on the potential drawbacks before splurging on this smart device. Consider: 

  • The sensor strip doesn't always accurately track sleep patterns or report them in real time
  • Sometimes it tracks data when no one is lying in the bed 
  • There will also be issues with data collection if more than one person or a pet and a person sleep over the same sensor
  • After time, you may feel the sensor beneath you
  • The warming setting doesn't work as described: it does not "smart" auto-adjust to your body

Despite these drawbacks, we do endorse this as the best smart mattress topper currently available. The technology is there, it's simply a matter of waiting for the bugs to get worked out.


Comfort: The foam padding of the Eight Sleep tracker is comfortable, especially if placed atop a firm memory foam mattress. However, some customers have complained about being able to feel the sensors beneath their chests when they sleep at night. This is usually if they don't have a thick enough sheet (or any sheet) placed between them and the mattress pad. Also, be careful to watch how you set the warmer. While there are dual functions for both sides of the bed, be mindful of how warm those settings will continue to feel as the night wears on as they don't auto-adjust. You may find that going with a lower setting is ideal.

Longevity: This smart tracker topper is actually still pretty new to the market, so there isn't a lot of data on how long you can expect these to last. While there are some customers who've reported issues with the sensor after only a month or so, the mattress topper itself does appear to hold up after extended use. 

Price: This is certainly the most expensive mattress topper featured on our list. However, think of this like purchasing a really nice foam mattress topper along with a FitBit. Not a bad deal, right?

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