Best Protective Compression Shorts

Shock Doctor Men's & Boy's Core Compression Short
  • Offers groin protection for full contact sports
  • Comfortable, reliable, and decent compression
  • Durable material, long-lasting flatlock seams
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Flatlock seams, moisture-wicking material, four-way stretch fabric, natural cup position, unrestricted movement, good ventilation, comfortable, durable, great for martial artists and wrestlers, form-fitting, mid-weight compression

Not suitable for hockey or MMA.


Fit: If you want more protection for your groin during contact sports (football, rugby, martial arts training, etc.) these are a good option to consider. They're not up to the intensity of hockey or MMA, but they will offer good groin protection for other sports. The dual-mesh cup keeps your groin protected without interfering with blood flow or ventilation, making it supremely comfortable to wear for hours.

The shorts provide mid-weight compression, making it perfect for active sports that require a faster recovery time.

Fabric: The fabric is a synthetic material that offers good flexibility and mobility. The four-way stretch fabric clings to your body as you move, giving you a good range of motion while still providing solid compression for your legs. The material is breathable enough that you won't overheat, and it's both moisture-wicking and quick-drying to prevent sweat build-up and reduce friction. The fabric is durable and can handle a lot of regular use without fading, sagging, or fraying.

Price: The price tag on these bad boys is anywhere between $15 and $25, depending on the size. For the price, you'll find they're the best option to consider for compression shorts that also offer groin protection.


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