Best Smart Garage Door Opener Overall (With Motor)

Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener
  • It’s almost ridiculously quiet
  • Fast and (almost always) easy installation
  • Great phone app and WiFi connection
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This garage door motor has built-in WiFi and wonderfully quiet operation. It has a backup battery along with scheduling and alert features.

The MyQ connections to other home automation products are limited unless you’re willing to pay for a bridge or a monthly (or annual) subscriptions; only certain HomeLink connections are available. There isn’t a specific warning that the door neglected to close, which would be nice.


You don’t need anything extra to connect it to your WiFi and if you’re a single user, you shouldn’t stress too much about the MyQ app which allows for one app user per door which is a little silly. It gets messy though when you have to hand over your login details to anyone you want to provide access to. And, you’ll have to pay a subscription for MyQ compatibility with certain systems like Google Home. (And, unfortunately, there isn’t any Alexa integration as of yet.)

But it is possible to work around just about everything if you’re: a) happy to pay and b) great at working out IFTTT recipes.

And, what you get in this Smart 1-1/4 HP garage door is often totally worth those sacrifices. Besides the built-in WiFi, motion-detecting lights, seriously quiet operation, and 3-day battery backup (all of which get rave reviews from users), the interface and options available on the control panel offer a lot more than most garage door openers do. You can disable remotes, integrate lighting, set timers, check the garage temperature, and more.

If your garage has a door and rails, even if it hasn’t ever had a motor, you can probably install this within a matter of hours – even if you have limited DIY experience; it’s that easy. And yet, it’s a terrifically powerful motor that operates at super-low volume levels. There’s also an exterior keypad and lighting in the mix – and you still shouldn’t break a sweat

All in, this particular garage door motor and opener unit is amazing. If it didn’t come with the limitations of the MyQ technology, this would easily become a home standard moving into the future. And, while it’s on the pricier side, what you get is a lot more than you’d think, making this a bargain – as long as you’re not worried about connecting it to certain HomeLink or your Google Home world. (You can do it, remember, but you’ll pay for it.)

Max doors: 1 7” door, though extensions are available for 8” and 10” garage doors.

Integrates with: MyQ platform and through that a host of Smarthome options, but you do need to watch out for those that require an extra subscription for integration. It’s also compatible with certain (but not all) HomeLink setups.

Garage door compatibility: This is a Chamberlain garage door opener and motor – not a separate piece of technology.

Connects via: 2.4GHz WiFi

Home automation hub required: Nope. Isn’t that nice?

Compatible apps: It works with the MyQ app which is available from the Apple app store and the Google play store.

Compatible devices: Definitely Android and Apple Smartphones, along with tablets, your computer, and some Smart watches.

Geofencing: No, but you can set it up with IFTTT and the range on the regular remote control is something people rave about.

Number of users: This garage door opener (or rather the MyQ system) isn’t as user friendly as you really would want it to be. You get one user per garage door, though you can download the app and login in multiple people using the same details, which isn’t always ideal. So, there are workarounds, but really, the system could progress here.

Video capability: Not specifically.

Additional features: The user interface on the control panel is something users rave about. There are motion-detecting lights. A battery back-up for power outages, an auto-close option, and the remote has an incredible range.

Alerts: These can be customized, but remember that anyone that logs in using your details will receive the same alerts.

Installation: Based on the reviews of a majority of users, this has to be one of the simplest garage door motors to install. Even first time installers can handle this with little issue. You probably won’t need the expert installation as long as you have an extra pair of hands.

What’s included in starter pack: 2 three-button remote controls, wireless keypad, LCD wall control, safety sensors – not to mention the motor itself.

What else will you need: You may need to run off to the hardware store to pick up a few things, as it doesn’t come with everything you could need for every setup. That said, a lot of users find they don’t need anything and it easily replaces older units.

Costs and warranties: As far as warranties are concerned, it’s lifetime for the motor and belt. Parts have a warranty of 5 years while the accessories and battery backup have a 1-year warranty. Considering what you get, the price of $261 (without installation) is more than fair.


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