BioSchwartz Forskolin Extract

Best Metabolism-Boosting Testosterone Supplement

Why people love it
  • A great product to block hunger, prevent carb uptake, and raise testosterone levels
  • 100% natural and made in the USA
  • Boost your metabolism and hormone production

Made with pure forskolin, highly effective cAMP booster, formulated for weight loss, increases metabolic rate, made in the USA, contains 100% natural ingredients, appetite suppressant, carb blocker, and fat burner.

May not always deliver weight loss results.


Function: This supplement contains forskolin, an herbal extract that can raise levels of cAMP and testosterone very effectively. Just 12 weeks of 250 mg of the supplement per day proved, in one study, to raise testosterone levels by 33%, and another study found that forskolin helped the body to utilize existing testosterone much more effectively.

Quality: The supplement contains 20% forskolin as the active ingredient, which is what proved effective in the above-mentioned clinical study. The forskolin is 100% natural and derived from non-GMO plants. It's a US-made product, one that is free of artificial fillers, binders, or ingredients of any sort. Though it's formulated as a weight loss pill, it can be highly effective for boosting testosterone levels.

Price: At $23 for a 30-day supply of the supplement, you're paying roughly 38 cents per capsule (two capsules per day). It's not the best-value product on our list, but it's worth considering if you want to try a new way to raise testosterone levels.

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