Bulksupplements Pure Caffeine

Best Testosterone Booster to Raise Energy Levels

Why people love it
  • Raise testosterone and energy levels highly effectively
  • Clean, concentrated dose of caffeine
  • Great product at a great price

May cause heart problems and other caffeine-related health issues.


Function: This supplement contains just one ingredient: caffeine. Caffeine has proven to naturally increase testosterone levels, and it can prevent your body from breaking down the cAMP required for synthesizing testosterone. Additionally, it can increase anaerobic performance and improve muscular endurance, while also boosting muscle mass production. It's great for raising energy levels before a heavy weight resistance or high intensity interval training session, too.

Quality: The supplement is made with 200 mg of pure caffeine per serving, and there are no added ingredients or fillers to dilute the purity and potency of this supplement. It is made in the USA, and each batch is lab-tested to guarantee its effectiveness. Though it's typically used as a pre-workout supplement, it can be an effective option for raising testosterone levels.

Price: At $15 for a bag of 300 gelatin capsules, you're paying 5 cents per capsule and getting a supply that will last you anywhere from 6-12 months. Definitely a good product at a price tag you will love.

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