MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest

Best Testosterone Booster for Lean Muscle Mass

Why people love it
  • Excellent value for quality results
  • Increases lean muscle mass and raises ATP energy levels
  • Highly effective formula

Stimulates the production of free testosterone, contains boron citrate, maintains good testosterone ratios, enhances ATP production, potent added ingredients, and naturally increases testosterone levels without affecting the rest of the body.

Some users complained of a skin rash.


Function: This supplement contains three potent ingredients: 1) boron citrate, which studies have proven can help to raise free testosterone levels by as much as 29% in 10-60 days of supplementation; 2) zinc, which can increase free and total testosterone levels while preventing your body from turning testosterone into estradiol (estrogen); and 3) fenugreek, which prevents your body from using testosterone to produce more estrogen. The result is higher free and total testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels.

Quality: The supplement is designed for bodybuilders, so it's formulated with ingredients that will increase lean muscle mass and improve athletic performance. The maximum-strength formula has as much fenugreek as you are able to safely take, meaning better results per capsule.

Price: At $15 for a bottle of 120 capsules, you're paying exactly 50 cents per day for a 30-day supply (2 capsules twice a day) of this supplement. A great price for a product that delivers!

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