Chamberlain B730 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

Best Smart Garage Door Opener and Motor for Tight Security

Why people love it
  • Amazingly quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Simple programming

This super-quiet Smart opener connects to a host of home automation systems (through the MyQ app). It’s also HomeLink enabled and works on radio signals rather than WiFi.

A few battery and WiFi connectivity issues that seem to affect only a few users. Additionally, the number of possible users is limited.


It’s not that much more expensive than other units when you figure that you also get the garage door opener motor itself. (That’s supposing, of course, that you’re comfortable installing the unit yourself.)

But, you may not want to outlay this kind of cash unless you actually need to replace your current garage door opener. If you do, this is the unit to consider when you want to connect to your home automation system but still maintain strong safety and security. 

And, you should know that this actually works with radio frequencies, not WiFi, though you can connect it to your network through the MyQ system. Linking this platform with IFTTT, Apple Home, Wink, and others does require a service fee which is as much as $1/month.

We know, it’s not that steep, but you also need to know that this particular unit only allows for 3 users (in addition to the standard remotes and a keypad), which is a bit of a downer. However, that’s per garage door, so if you need to pick up a pair of these, you may actually have more access than you realistically need. 

But, you're not opening access to all and sundry. The security features on this particular unit include: battery backup, enhanced triband radio frequency technology (which is a little more difficult to crack), security +2.0code encryption, and posi-lock protection against forced entry. That's a whack of security features - on top of the limited user list that you get. Not bad, right?

All in, the features make this worth the price you’ll pay for this Smart garage door opener.

Max doors: 1

Integrates with: MyQ integrates with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Wink, and XFINITY Home. That gives you a whole range of home automation options, but you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to connect to these services ($1/month or $10/year).

Garage door compatibility: You’re buying a garage door opener with plenty of bells and whistles.

Connects via: Radio signals (310, 315, 390), though you can do a bit more when you link it to a home automation system.

Home automation hub required: HomeLink® compatible, works with the in-vehicle remote control system built into most cars.

Compatible apps: MyQ app is available on the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Compatible devices: You can operate this with your Android and Apple devices (including Apple watch), but you also get 2 3-button remotes, keypad entry, and it works with HomeLink.

Geofencing: Once you connect to a system like IFTTT, then geofencing is totally possible. But, it’s also got the Homelink connection and the TriBand™ technology allows the remote to work to 1,500 feet away.

Number of users: Just 3 – ouch. There are account holder, home occupant, and guest levels available. And, we need to mention that this is actually a step up. Multiple users weren’t permitted in the past.

Video capability: Directly, no, but technically yes. You’ll need to connect your MyQ to your other home devices to make it happen though.

Additional features: Works even when the power goes out. It’s super quiet, eliminating that awful garage door opening sound. Automatic lighting when sensors are activated. You can also schedule opening and closing times (for the garage door as well as the lights).

Alerts: It depends on what systems you link to (perhaps an IFTTT recipe to alert you after a certain number of minutes). But, you can always check on the app and close or open your garage door from anywhere.

Installation: This is a full garage door opener with belt, so don’t expect it to be among the easiest Smart garage door openers on the list. But, you do have the option of paying for installation on delivery.

What’s included in starter pack: Garage Door Opener, 7 FT Rail Kit, Multi-Function Wall Control, Two 3 Button Remotes Transmitters, Keyless Entry Keypad, Safety Sensors

What else will you need: Nothing, as long as you only need a single garage door opener.

Costs and warranties: It’s $230 for the unit – though you may want to add the $185 for professional installation. And, if you want to integrate with those other systems, you’ll need to fork out an additional $1/month (or $10/year) to make that happen. If you’re interested, Amazon offers a 2-year and a 4-year protection plan. Warranties include a lifetime for the motor and belt, 5 years on parts, and 1 year on accessories.

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