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CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack
  • Durable, comfortable, and reliable
  • Large straw delivers more water per sip
  • Easy to use, well-designed
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Lightweight, compact, durable, the "original" hydration pack, includes zippered exterior pocket, ventilated mesh harness, easy to wear for hours, mesh back panel, 2.5-liter capacity, and easy to turn off and on.

Shoulder straps may be a bit too tight, and it features limited storage space.


Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with a 2.5-liter water reservoir, complete with an ergonomic, easy-open cap that makes for quick refilling. The Crux reservoir and extra-large straw gives you more water with every sip, and you'll find the off/on lever makes it easy to get all the water you want while walking.

Design: The backpack is designed with maximum comfort in mind, with both ventilated mesh straps and a mesh back panel that will keep you from sweating heavily while walking. The straps may be a bit snug on your shoulders, but the pack is lightweight enough that you'll hardly notice it. It's made of durable fabric that will hold up well for years to come.

Features: The classic hydration pack has only a couple of features worth noting: reflective accents to make you visible even at night, and a secure zippered exterior pocket. Don't expect a lot of storage space in this bag, just enough for a first aid kit, a flashlight, or your wallet and keys.

Price: $50 is a decent price to pay for the water capacity and durability offered by this pack. Camelback's Classic really does get it right!


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