Why people love it
  • A featherweight hydration pack perfect for runners
  • Comfortable to wear, durable, and designed for regular use
  • Stable, never worry about bouncing around again

Lightweight, slim profile, breathable fabric, prevents bouncing as you run, 2-liter size, fully adjustable straps, zippered pocket, front and back pockets for all your gear, and bladder is both PVC and BPA-free.

Not the most comfortable for women with ample chests, and the bladder durability is iffy.


Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with a BPA-free, PVC-free 2-liter water bladder, with a long straw and bite valve that makes for easy drinking. Sadly, the bladder is prone to leaks, and the quality of the water container isn't quite up to par with some of the others on our list.

Design: The hydration pack is designed with runners in mind. It weighs next to nothing, and it has a much slimmer profile than most packs. The fabric is fully breathable to prevent overheating, and you'll find it's comfortable to wear for hours of running. The padding built into the back panel and straps will reduce wear on your shoulders and spine as you run.

Features: The chest, waist, and shoulder straps are fully adjustable, allowing you to pull the straps tight to prevent bouncing or jostling as you run. The harness moves with your chest and torso for maximum comfort and minimal friction on the road, and you'll love the extra storage space for your keys, wallet, smartphone, and IDs.

Price: $70 is a high price to pay for a hydration pack, but for marathoners, triathletes, or distance runners, this pack's slim profile and sleek design makes it the ideal choice.

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