Camden Gear Hydration Pack

Best Water Backpack for the Family

Why people love it
  • A durable, well-built hydration pack
  • Fits everyone in the family, easily adjustable
  • Designed to haul both your water supply and random items

Adjustable for children, teens, and adults; serves as a day pack, good storage space, easily adjusted, wide straps with good cushioning, water-resistant, durable material, BPA-free, and resistant to wear and tear.

Bulky, despite small reservoir.


Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with a smaller-than-average reservoir, which can store just 1.5 liters (50 ounces) of water. The bladder is BPA-free plastic, and you'll find it leaves your water tasting fresh and clean. The screw cap is leak-resistant and the wide mouth makes it easy for you to drop in ice chunks for cold water.

Design: The hydration pack is designed with two wide, cushioned straps that are very comfortable for all-day wear. They can be adjusted for chests between 27 and 50 inches, making the hydration pack ideal for adults, teenagers, and children.

The main compartment of the backpack is made of diamond Rip Stop Nylon that is durable, resistant to scuffs and tears, and water-resistant. Though the pack is a bit bulkier than the others on our list, you'll find it offers a good deal more storage space as well.

Features: The chest and waist straps will keep the backpack firmly in place as you hike, preventing bouncing around and spreading out the load to reduce spinal fatigue. The extendable bite valve makes for easy drinking, and the straw is long enough that it sits comfortably beside your mouth. Thanks to the three built-in storage pockets, you'll always have room to carry more stuff.

Price: At $27, this is one of the best-priced hydration packs on our list. It can work for your whole family, gives you great carrying room, and will last for many years of hiking.

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