Most Durable Hydration Pack

Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack
  • Rugged, hardcore hydration pack keeps pace with hardcore hiking
  • Compact, lightweight design won't get in your way or weigh you down
  • Easily adjustable for men and women
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Designed for tactical use, very rugged, camo pattern, includes MOLLE straps, slim, lightweight, large organizer pocket, wide-mouthed bladder, large enough for ice chunks,  very resistant to tears and damage, and adjustable fit.

Chest strap isn't as comfortable as other packs.


Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with 2.5 liters of water storage space, in a BPA-free plastic bladder that can be removed from the backpack for easy cleaning and filling. The wide mouth of the bladder allows you to drop ice chunks and cubes into the pack, and the screw cap ensures that your hydration pack never leaks.

Design: Made with 900D (heavy duty) polyester, the backpack is designed to be super rugged and able to keep up with hardcore hiking. There's a PVC lining to increase tear-resistance and prevent falls or scraps from ruining the pack.

The chest and waist straps ensure the pack stays firmly in place and spreads out the load of the water as you hike. The shoulder straps can fit anyone from teenagers to full-sized men with 50" chests. It feels nice and lightweight as you wear it, but there's a ruggedness to it that will guarantee many happy years of hiking use.

Features: The straps are designed to be easily adjustable with just one hand. Though it's a sleek backpack, it comes with a decent-sized bottom organizer pocket large enough to fit your keys, wallet, ID, large smartphone, smarttool, towel, and other knickknacks. For military or hunting use, it has MOLLE straps that allow you to attach additional pouches for more storage space. It's a survivalist's best friend!

Price: This is a very well-priced backpack, given how durable it is and how many years of regular use you'll get out of it. It's well worth the price for rugged quality, even if it's not the most comfortable of packs.


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