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Nutratech Orlistol
  • Based on the only FDA-approved weight loss drug
  • Designed for maximum efficacy for weight loss and appetite suppression
  • Works hand in hand with a healthy diet
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Similar to Orlistat, contains high quality natural ingredients, made in the USA, blocks carbs and fats, suppresses your appetite, a great tool to help improve the efficacy of your diet, and will prevent you  from snacking or cheating on your diet.

Long-term carb and fat blocking can have negative side effects on your health, weight loss, and energy levels.


Function: Orlistol was manufactured as a copy of Orlistat, the only FDA-approved weight loss OTC medication. Orlistat stops your intestines from absorbing roughly 25% of the fat in your diet, encouraging elimination of excess fat to prevent it from being stored as extra body fat. Orlistol is essentially a copy of Orlistat, made using natural ingredients that are intended to have the same result.

Quality: The supplement is made in the USA, following FDA-regulated GMP standards. All the ingredients are sourced from FDA-approved suppliers. Though it's not the same as the FDA-approved medication Orlistat, it's as close a copy as you'll find outside a pharmacy. The quality is as good as you can ask for from a copycat supplement, and the hunger-busting results will be roughly the same.

Price: This is a pricey supplement, no doubt about it. You'll pay $40 for a bottle of just 60 capsules, which is a 30-day supply. No other supplement is as high-priced, but no other supplement (outside OTC medication Orlistat) can offer the same benefits.


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