Best 5-HTP Appetite Suppressant

  • Both 5-HTP and saffron extract for maximum efficacy
  • Made using all natural and safe ingredients
  • Developed using scientifically proven ingredients
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Contains both 5-HTP and Satiereal saffon extract, a safe and effective tool for appetite and weight management, backed by clinical studies, metabolism booster, and vegetarian-friendly capsules.

May cause stomach upset and not effective for everyone.


Function: This supplement contains 5-HTP, a compound that the brain turns into serotonin, one of the most important appetite-controlling hormones. Serotonin is a natural anti-depressant and can reduce cravings, particularly cravings triggered by emotions and stress. It can help to prevent excessive food intake and curb your appetite.

The supplement is also made with saffron extract, which can encourage weight loss and help you manage your hunger very effectively.

Quality: The supplement is made using all natural, safe ingredients, and in quantities (150 mg of 5-HTP and 88.25 mg of saffron extract) that will be safe for you to take. The supplement is designed to be effective for long-term weight management, and you'll find that the risk of side effects with this supplement is very low.

Price: $30 for a bottle of 50 capsules is definitely a higher price than you'd pay for other supplements, but that's to be expected given the presence of saffron, the world's most expensive spice.


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