Why people love it
  • Heats up quick and easy to use
  • Holds a curl all day long
  • Great for short hair

There are truly so many reasons to love these hot rollers it’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few. First and foremost, they heat hair evenly and work quickly (one of the most time-saving rollers on the market, in fact), the Ion technology creates long-lasting results, and the set comes at a moderate price considering the number of rollers included as well as the quality of the product.

Reviewers complain that the base on the new model is slightly larger than the older version. Additionally, the rollers are a bit heavy and the clips don’t hold hair as well as they are designed to, especially with thin or fine hair.


Performance: Calista Ion Hot Rollers are designed to quickly create a head full of soft waves, body, cascading curls, or spiraling ringlets. The heating base heats rollers in 3 minutes or less and the curls will hold from day to night.

The size of the rollers (1 inch in diameter) is perfect for curling short hair and, weirdly enough, what makes these so perfect for short hair prevents these rollers from getting tangled in long hair as well. The short set may be a bit too small for anyone with extra-long or super thick hair, but the long set will curl thick hair easily, from root to end, and won’t tangle when removed.

Features: The set includes 12 rollers in two sizes, as well as a conveniently sized base that heats all 12 rollers at once. Each roller features a PTC heating element, allowing the rollers to heat quickly and stay hot longer. Also, Ion technology infuses multi-element mineral powders into each roller when it is cast, and the rollers are designed to retain heat, even once they’re set, which will allow each and every curl to heat evenly.

Oh, and did we mention the set also comes with a convenient travel bag? Always a plus.

Price: At just under $99, these rollers are a close second for the priciest on our list. But, if you’re looking for something that will heat quickly and evenly, even on short hair, we definitely recommend giving this product a try.

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