Best Beach Chair for Heavier Users

Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair
  • Solid, sturdy, and built for heavier guys
  • Comfortable, adjustable
  • A good price for a great product
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Sturdy, 300-pound weight capacity, contoured pillow, comfy armrests, backpack design, four positions, easy to fold, easy to transport, good width, lightweight, drink holder included, and features an easy access rear carry pouch.

Very low to the ground.


Design: This chair is designed to be low in the sand—a bit too low for some people, unfortunately—with 12" legs built from solid aluminum. The seat comes with four adjustable positions, though it doesn't fully recline. You'll find it's beautifully comfortable for sitting, lounging, and napping in, thanks to its cushioned pillow and contoured armrests.

Materials: The frame itself is made from solid aluminum covered with a rustproof coating that will protect it from the elements and ocean spray. The seat is made of a polyester that is durable and thick, with solid stitching that won't wear out with heavy use.

The chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and its extra-wide 22" seat makes it ideal for wider, heavier guys.

Features: The seat comes in a backpack design, meaning it can be folded up and carried on your back. The backpack straps are nicely padded to make it comfortable to carry from the car to the beach. In addition to the straps, the chair has a nifty rear-facing pocket to store your stuff, a drink holder attached to the armrest, and a cushioned pillow for the head rest. You'll love how comfortable this chair is even after long hours of lounging.

Price: $50 is a bit of a steep price to pay for a single beach chair, but it's worth it for this bad boy. It's comfortable, built for larger users, and will stand up to regular use. It'll give you many happy years of beachside comfort.


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