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Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair
  • Super easy to carry and set up
  • Well-built chairs that make for maximum beach comfort
  • Come with all the conveniences you could ask for
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Backpack design, good weight capacity, durable material, lightweight frame, rustproof, padded head rest, adjustable, easy to clean, 5-position recline frame, and includes two side pouches, a towel bar, and padded shoulder straps.

Lower to the ground than may be comfortable for many users.


Design: If you're looking for a super comfortable, well-built beach chair, this is your top pick. It's designed to be low to the sand, so those with back and hip problems may find it uncomfortable. However, for the average active user, the 5-position reclining design (even laying flat) is an absolute marvel. You'll be able to adjust the angle of your recline easily.

The polyester backing is comfortable, but there are plastic armrests instead of canvas or material—meaning more solid and better for leaning on.

Materials: The frame is made of aluminum, a lightweight material that is surprisingly strong. You'll find the rustproof coating keeps this chair from being damaged in wet conditions—either rainwater or ocean spray.

The chair material is 600D (denier) polyester, which is heavier-duty than most beach chairs and a great deal more durable. You'll find it's one of the longest-lasting beach chairs on the market.

Features: These chairs come with some excellent features: 5-position recline, a built-in towel bar, a rear-facing pocket and two side-pouches, comfortable plastic armrests, and a head-rest pillow. The real marvel, though, is the seat's ability to fold up into a backpack. The padded straps make it comfortable to carry this chair around, and you can easily fold it out to pop a squat anywhere you want.

Price: At $55, this is one of the pricier chairs on our list, but so worth it if you have to walk a long way to reach the beach. The backpack design is so convenient, not to mention comfortable. Plus, it's one of the longest-lasting chairs on the market.


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