Best Lightweight Bike Helmet

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet
  • Great quality, very resistant to impact and collisions
  • Sized for adults primarily, may fit some teens as well
  • Good ventilation and comfort
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Weighs less than your average helmet, great price tag, adjustable, sleek design, easy-use dial adjust system, padded chin, durable, and breathable.

Side attachments move too easily, slipping the straps out of proper alignment.


Design: Looking for something that can keep your head safe while cycling to and from work or around town? This helmet weighs very little yet offers a durable, aerodynamic design that will be comfortable for casual and weekend cyclists.

The sizing is standard, though it's better-suited for adult heads than teenagers. For guys with big heads, you'll love the easy-use dial system that makes it easy to adjust the head strap according to your skull size and shape.

Construction: The helmet is made from durable PVC and polycarbonate, with EPS foam that offers superior impact protection for your head. The helmet is surprisingly tough despite its light weight. The inner padding is breathable to keep your head cool and dry on your cycling workouts or trips.

Price:  This is the cheapest helmet on our list, but it's still a great choice if you want quality and durability. Hardcore cyclists may want to look at the other options, but casual and weekend cyclists will find this is an excellent option to consider.


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