Bell Sanction BMX Helmet

Best BMX Bike Helmet

Why people love it
  • The ideal helmet to use for BMX, Super-D, and all-mountain biking
  • Good weight and durability, high quality materials
  • Built to last for years of extreme sports use

Full head protection, lightweight, sturdy design, impact-resistant fiberglass shell, adjustable full-face visor, great price tag, great ventilation, good weight, aggressive motorcycle-style design, and great for tricks and extreme sports use.

Sizes run small—better built for junior and smaller riders.


Design: This helmet is designed to be used for fast-paced, high-impact, downhill racing and extreme sports, so it features full coverage that will cushion your head and neck in case of spills or falls. The helmet weighs more than your basic bike helmet but less than a heavy motorcycle helmet. If you're taking your BMX or trick bike down dangerous slopes, this is the headgear you want.

The full-face visor will reduce injuries in case of face-planting or wiping out at top speed. The ventilation will keep you cool even in hot weather. Though the sizes tend to run small, it's a great choice for the average BMX biker.

Construction: The full-head protective shell is made from hand laminated fiberglass, a material that is very resistant to impact and collision. You'll find the exterior of the helmet is much tougher than your basic bike helmet, offering maximum protection for your head. Add in the thick padding around your head and support for your neck, and you've got your top-rated choice for extreme biking.

The helmet is both CE EN1078 and CPSC Bicycle certified, so it can be used for racing or trick courses.

Price: Expect to pay a bit more than you would for a basic bike helmet, but it's worth it for maximum protection on BMX or downhill/mountain race courses.

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