Best Bike Helmet for Weekend Warriors

Giro Revel Helmet
  • The most customizable fit on the market
  • Great range of color, pattern, and size options
  • Durable and impact-resistant, good quality materials
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Easily adjustable fit, 1-year warranty, reflective features for night riders, occipital stabilizer, ratchet-style dial system, side straps can be repositioned, excellent impact testing rating, good weight, and built-in visor.

Sizes run small so not suitable for very large heads.


Design: This helmet is designed for maximum comfort, with a one-size-fits-most (all but big-headed guys) design that will sit nicely on your head. The ratchet-style dial system makes it easy to adjust the fit of the helmet in seconds. Not only can you adjust the head strap overall, but you can fiddle with the side straps to reposition them according to the shape of your skull and the placement of your ears.

The helmet comes with 22 vents to allow great air flow to your skull, keeping you dry even after hours of cycling in hot weather. The built-in visor can be a bit flimsy but it offers good protection from the sun. You'll find this is the easiest helmet to fit to your skull shape and size.

Construction: The helmet is built using EPS (polystyrene) foam for the interior, with in-mold polycarbonate for the outer shell. This combination is highly durable and offers great protection for your head as you cycle. However, it's surprisingly lightweight, so you'll never have to worry about straining your neck.

Price: $40 isn't too high a price tag to pay for this great quality helmet. Expect durability and maximum comfort at a wonderfully affordable cost.


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