Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Best Bicycle Helmet for Casual Cyclists

Why people love it
  • Nice design, sturdy construction
  • Great breathability, especially during hot summers
  • Solid protection from accidents or collisions

Slim profile, great performance, versatile fit, durable materials, sleek design, good ventilation, not too heavy, great for hot weather use, and good range of color choices.

Unwieldy strap yoke and high price.


Design: For those who want a sleek helmet, give this one a try. It's surprisingly slim and aerodynamic, with a rounded shape that will sit nicely on any head. Though the strap yoke system is uncomfortable (most user complaints mention the straps), the helmet itself is comfortable enough that you can wear it for hours of cycling.

The 25 vents offer great breathability, and you'll love how it keeps your head cool in hot summers. However, it may be too cool for winter use. The Roc Loc 5 Fit System will make the helmet size and shape perfect for adults and teens, with an adjustable design that will fit everyone nicely.

Construction: Durability and quality are the two hallmarks of this helmet. Made with tough polycarbonate, the helmet is nicely lightweight but offers excellent protection in case of accidents or collisions. The in-mold construction keeps your head and neck protected from hard impacts, and you'll love how solid the materials feel.

The shape is a bit rounder than you'd expect, but it's definitely a great choice if you plan to do some weekend cycling or biking around town.

Price: Prepare to pay a higher price tag than you'd expect from a helmet like this. Given its quality and durability, however, it's a price worth paying if you want serious protection for your head.

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