Why people love it
  • Comfortable and beautifully lightweight
  • Adjustable fit, great ventilation
  • Suitable for all ages, built to offer maximum head and neck protection

Good quality, durable materials, elegant and aerodynamic design, removable visor, CPSC Safety Certified, lightweight, great ventilation, suitable for teens and adults, shock absorption technology integrated into helmet, good padding, and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Visor may obstruct vision and pricier than average helmets.


Design: If you're looking for quality and elegance, this is an amazing option. The helmet has the sleek aerodynamic design you want, complete with a visor to streamline your head while protecting your eyes from the sun. Thanks to its lifetime manufacturer warranty and perfect fit guarantee, you know you're getting a helmet worth its salt.

The helmet has 22 air vents to ensure good air flow to your head, keeping you cool as you cycle. The moisture-wicking pads can be removed and washed, and the chin straps are easily adjusted and come with thick cushioning to prevent irritation on your skin.

Construction: Built using Team Obsidian's In-Mould Technique, this helmet is made of lightweight materials that are very durable. The American-made EPS (polystyrene) shell is molded to the outer plastic shell, offering superior protection and excellent shock absorption on impact. In terms of durability and quality, you'll be hard-pressed to find better than this helmet.

Despite its quality materials, it's fairly lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Not only will the padded straps and head reduce irritation/rubbing, but you'll love how light the helmet is on your head. Though you may need to remove the visor to see properly in a crouched position, it's a great choice for professional and casual cyclists alike.

Price: This is one of the pricier helmets on the market, and the priciest one on our list. You're paying for great quality and a user-specific fit, so it's definitely worth considering.

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