Best Bike Helmet Overall

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet
  • The perfect balance of good price and decent quality
  • Comfortable, well-ventilated, and easy to wear
  • Easily adjusted to your head size thanks to dial fit system
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Great price tag, good quality, incredibly safe, looks good, great ventilation, comfortable, available online and in retailers, lightweight, easy to adjust fit, removable visor, moisture-wicking pads integrated, and fits both teenagers and adults.

Not made of the most durable materials.


Design: This bike helmet is designed to be aerodynamic, with a sleek curving shape that will reduce wind resistance as you ride. It also includes 21 ventilation/flow vents to ensure plenty of air flow to your head. The moisture-wicking pads integrated into the helmet's interior will keep your head dry and cool as you cycle.

The webbing and dial fit system are the real selling point of this helmet. Not only is the webbing comfortable on your cheeks and chin, but it's easy to adjust thanks to the dial. You simply turn the dial to tighten or loosen the helmet on your head and around your chin. The visor offers shade for those sunny days, but you can remove it for cloudy days as well.

Construction: If you're a hardcore cyclist, this may not be your top pick. The materials are lightweight and not the most durable on the market. It's not going to last quite as long as carbon fiber. That being said, casual cyclists and weekend road warriors will love the comfort, sleek design, and light weight of this helmet. It's more than strong enough to protect your head in case of a collision riding around town, mountain trails, or local cycling parks.

The helmet is designed to fit anyone from 14 to adult, and the dial fit system allows you to adjust the tightness of the head strap.

Price: This is one of the best-priced helmets on our list, but it doesn't sacrifice quality for low costs. While not the sort of helmet you'd see on a professional cyclist, it's a great helmet for anyone who wants to be safe while commuting to work, riding around town, or enjoying a weekend biking trip.


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