Why people love it
  • Very well-made mattress pad
  • Offers a luxurious and plush sleeping experience
  • Washes well

Some customers have been disappointed with the amount of plushness offered by this mattress pad.


Comfort: Although there isn’t much here to prevent aches and pains from an old or poorly made mattress, the mattress pad does a fantastic job of giving you a soft, plush, and evenly-temperatured place to sleep every night. So, if that’s what comfort means to you, this will suit you well.

Longevity: Being as well-made as it is, this mattress pad shouldn’t give you any problems with durability. That said, it does come with a five-year warranty if you find it lacking in any manner.

Price: This is pricey, but, again, the warranty ensures that you’ll get at least five years out of it.

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