Best Luxury Mattress Topper

Hotel Collection Extra Deep Queen Mattress Pad
  • Very well-made mattress pad
  • Offers a luxurious and plush sleeping experience
  • Washes well

One of the most common complaints we’ve seen about mattress toppers and pads is that they’re difficult to wash and often lead to quick deterioration of the fabric. That won’t happen with the super lux and plush Hotel Collection mattress pad.

Some customers have been disappointed with the amount of plushness offered by this mattress pad.


Comfort: Although there isn’t much here to prevent aches and pains from an old or poorly made mattress, the mattress pad does a fantastic job of giving you a soft, plush, and evenly-temperatured place to sleep every night. So, if that’s what comfort means to you, this will suit you well.

Longevity: Being as well-made as it is, this mattress pad shouldn’t give you any problems with durability. That said, it does come with a five-year warranty if you find it lacking in any manner.

Price: This is pricey, but, again, the warranty ensures that you’ll get at least five years out of it.


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