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Jeffries 2" Down Alternative Mattress Topper
  • Nice alternative to goose down
  • Not too fluffy and not too stiff
  • Super comfortable and padded feel
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Not everyone needs a mattress topper that offers firm, therapeutic support; sometimes people just want a softer place to rest their head. That’s what you’ll get with the Jeffries mattress topper.

Because this is a down alternative, you’ll need to fluff it regularly to keep it in good shape.


Comfort: Since it’s not a mattress pad that wraps around the bed, this is a much more substantial layer that sits between you and the mattress. In all honesty, you might not find a traditional mattress topper that provides as much soft comfort as this one does.

Longevity: So long as you fluff the topper, it’ll remain in good shape.

Price: It’s not as expensive as a memory foam mattress, but it will provide a similar level of comfort at a fraction of the price.


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