Why people love it
  • Warming microfiber goose down alternative
  • Fluffy and comfortable mattress topper
  • Fits any sized mattress really well

Not everyone desires a cooler sleep, which is why this feather bed topper is the perfect pick for people that want to feel warmer at night. And, not only that, but it will instantly make your mattress feel as soft as a cloud.

The filling has a tendency to flatten down, so be sure to fluff it up from time to time to rejuvenate it to its maximum fullness.


Comfort: When comfort equates to softness and warmth, the Hospitology mattress topper is a great choice. It also stays put on your mattress, so you won’t have to worry about it shifting around underneath you as you move around in the night (if you even move around anymore).

Longevity: This is a well-made hypoallergenic mattress pad; however, because it is a goose down alternative, it requires regular fluffing in order to maintain its full density.

Price: You likely won’t find a goose down or alternative filler (like this) for such a good price.

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