Why people love it
  • Will help alleviate pain
  • Softens overly firm mattresses
  • Durable mattress topper

While we’re a fan of the therapeutic benefits of this topper, many customers complain about how exceedingly hot it makes them to lie atop it.


Temperature: This mattress topper is made with a Cool Cycle Polymer; however, many customers say it does the opposite. If you’re sensitive to memory foam’s heating properties, this might not be a good fit.

Smell: There’s no smell from this mattress topper.

Support: When your mattress isn’t providing you the relief that it should, this mattress topper is sure to save the day.

Longevity: This is a really well-made, durable topper.

Price: Memory foam mattresses and their toppers tend to be very expensive. If you don’t want to deal with stinky, poorly-made, or uncomfortable foam, this is the best you’ll be able to do on price.

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