Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Overall

HOFISH 3-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Very well-made and durable mattress topper
  • Will significantly improve your quality of sleep
  • Makes for both a soft and supportive surface

The HOFISH memory foam mattress topper does a fantastic job hitting all the high points: pain-relieving support, soft comfort, and a hypoallergenic cover. If you’ve struggled with sleeping at the expense of your mattress, this is the mattress topper to fix that issue.

If you suffer from overheating or night sweats, you might find this topper to be too much.


Temperature: The makers of the topper actually suggest buying a cooling sheet if you have issues with sleeping hot. The hypoallergenic cover will help, but you may need a little extra help if you’re sensitive to overheating.

Smell: Made with environmentally friendly material and covered with a hypoallergenic sheet, you won’t have to worry about strange or noxious scents coming off this one.

Support: This mattress topper has been known to significantly improve the quality of sleep of its users. Whether you suffer from pain from a too-soft or too-hard mattress, this helps balance out your sleep ecosystem.

Longevity: Not only is the material of this topper extremely durable, but the cover will help make it last longer.

Price: This is a great value for something that will solidly improve your sleep.


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