Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Travel

Why people love it
  • Great tri-fold mattress topper if you travel or camp a lot
  • Provides a good amount of support
  • Cover helps keep topper clean and makes it easy to store

While you might not be able to bring that supremely comfortable memory foam mattress you just bought on the road with you, this mattress topper serves as a nice stand-in. It’s supportive, comfortable, and easy to travel with, which makes it the perfect complement to the best air mattress.

Keep in mind that this is a foam topper. Although it folds into thirds and is lightweight enough to travel with, it will still take up quite a bit of room when you put this in your car or take it camping with you.


Temperature: If you use this for camping and other outdoors purposes, you’ll find that this mattress topper does a good job of keeping you warm, though not significantly so.

Smell: Customers haven’t really complained much about the smell of the foam.

Support: When you want a more comfortable and supportive place to lie while you’re on the road or out camping, this is an easy way to instantly improve your situation.

Longevity: It comes with a zip cover that’ll help preserve the cleanliness and quality of the foam within it.

Price: This is a pretty great value, especially if you intend on traveling a lot with it.

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