Alwyn Home Green Tea 4" Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Improving Sleep Quality

Why people love it
  • Nice-looking mattress topper
  • Great for softening a hard mattress
  • Helps with pain reduction

The Alwyn Home Green Tea memory foam mattress topper is a great choice if you want something that will not only improve the quality of your sleep, but will also improve the look of your bed in the process. Striking a nice balance between firmness and softness, you’ll experience a more restful and comfortable sleep.

Like many memory foam mattresses and toppers, this one has a slight odor at first. It will eventually dissipate.


Temperature: Despite the denseness of the foam, you won’t have to worry about overheating.

Smell: As noted above, there is a slight smell to the topper at first.

Support: If your bed isn’t providing the right amount of support for your joints or back, this is the mattress topper to fix that. It’s also pretty soft, so if you find that your mattress is too firm and causing you pain, this will alleviate that.

Longevity: The topper is well-made and comes with a nice zipper cover to help keep it clean and in good shape for years to come.

Price: This is fairly standard pricing for a mid-tier mattress topper though, with a five-year warranty which definitely increases the value of this product.

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