Why people love it
  • Your brows will stay put until you wash it off
  • Natural looking and blends in easily
  • The retractable pencil always stays sharp

An affordable, retractable brow pencil with a wingtip comb. Comes in 10 natural-looking shades. 

This brow pencil has a wide tooth comb on the end for brushing your brows. If you're someone who prefers a spoolie, you may want something different. 


Color: If expensive beauty products aren't your thing, we've got the perfect brow pencil for you. And, no matter what shade your brows may be, Sephora has you covered. Sephora's Retractable Brow Pencil comes in 10 natural-looking shades including honey blonde and dark charcoal. 

Application: These retractable pencils will give you perfectly defined eyebrows. To dispense color, twist the pencil and the always-sharp tip comes up. On the other side of the pencil is an attached wing tip comb.

This product was made to give your brows natural definition. While using this product, we recommend short strokes to mimic the look of your natural eyebrow hair. Apply lightly or go for a bolder, more defined look. As a bonus, this product is made without mineral oil, preservatives, or animal-derived ingredients. And, it is not tested on animals.

Price: For the price, you can't find better - it's one of the cheapest brow products out there. However, this brow pencil is so popular it can be tough to find in Sephora stores so you're better off ordering directly online.

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