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  • The best sleep of your life
  • Perfect mix between softness and support
  • Incredibly well-made mattress

As tends to happen with mattresses promising to be “medium firm”, some customers still find it to be too firm.


Performance: Tempur-pedic mattresses are known for being the best of the best. Because this is a hybrid between foam and coils, and because it comes with Smart Climate Technology, you’re really getting the best of all worlds here: pain relief, restful sleep, and incredible support. Plus, it’s guaranteed to last.

Longevity: As far as we can tell, customers are more than happy with the TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima mattress for years. So, if you’re worried about getting a mattress that sags or dips or falls apart, this is a smart buy.

Price: Tempur-pedic couldn’t get away with charging what they charge for mattresses if they didn’t have the quality to back it up. In the case of this mattress, that high-quality construction is there and is worth every penny.

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