Sapira by Leesa Luxury mattress

Best Mattress for Pain Reduction

Why people love it
  • Works well for most types of sleep positions and sleeper sizes
  • Great choice if you suffer from pain or sleepless nights
  • Soft yet firm innerspring mattress

When you suffer from pain or you just can’t get through a single night without tossing and turning, your mattress is one of the first places you should look to fix the issue. The Sapira by Leesa is known for tackling many of these common sleep issues with its mix of soft foam and firm innersprings.

Aside from some slight degassing at first, there really aren’t many complaints about this mattress. Consumer Reports does suggest that this mattress isn’t ideal for large or tall side sleepers, though, so keep that in mind if you fall into that category.


Performance: This is a fantastic choice for anyone who has trouble sleeping through the night. It has the perfect mix of support and softness which will keep the pain and general discomfort away. Also, because it has a bit of spring to it, it’s actually much easier to get in and out of this bed than some of the other more foam-y mattresses on our list. Mattress Clarity did a thorough testing of this mattress, so if you want to see what this mattress looks like in action, be sure to check out Joe’s review.

Longevity: One of the best things about this mattress is that you have 100 days to try this risk-free, which should be enough time to notice any serious flaws in it (of which, we haven’t seen many).

Price: The price on this is fair: mid-tier pricing for what will likely amount to a mid-tier mattress.

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