Best Mattress for Kids

Slumber 1 - 8'' Spring Mattress-In-a-Box
  • Perfect bed for kids
  • Feels like you’re lying on a cloud
  • Great price

Let’s be honest: your kids aren’t going to be too picky about where they sleep. But even so, that doesn’t mean they need to sleep on a noisy innerspring bed or a rock-hard memory foam mattress. Instead, you can get a super affordable mattress-in-a-box that gives them a soft, comfortable, and stable place to sleep (or jump around).

The reason why we won’t suggest this for adults is that there are issues reported with the bed not being firm enough for a lot of weight as well as the edges sagging after some time. For kids, this won’t be a problem.


Performance: Your kids deserve a soft and comfortable mattress that will help them both get to sleep and stay asleep at night--and this one won’t disappoint.

Longevity: Note the potential sagging issues mentioned above. If you notice them early on in your purchase, contact the seller about the warranty to see about getting a replacement. However, the only customers who’ve really complained about this were larger in size or had multiple people sleeping on the mattress, which created the additional stress on it.

Price: This is a very good price for a high-quality mattress for kids.


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