The Spindle Mattress

Best Latex Mattress

Why people love it
  • Nice and natural alternative to memory foam mattresses
  • Sleeps cool
  • Easily adjustable based on your preferred firmness

If you’re a fan of Tempur-pedic mattresses, but don’t like how hot or firm they can be, a latex mattress like the Spindle is a fantastic, natural alternative. As Ted & Stacey's Mattress Guides sums it up, “With its three firmness levels, its 100% all natural latex, organic cotton twill, and flexible stretch covering, as well as its unique comfort and contour features, the Spindle does seem to set itself apart from its industry competitors.”

There are no issues we could find with this one.


Performance: Although latex mattresses are typically known for not being as comfortable as their foam counterparts, this one is an exception. Not only is the Spindle well-made and supportive, but customers rave about what a good night’s sleep they get from this “cool” mattress experience.

Longevity: You shouldn’t have issues with divots or sags appearing in the mattress or any of the other issues that come with the natural breakdown of innersprings or coils. That said, Spindle offers a great warranty you should take advantage of if you encounter issues.

Price: This is much cheaper than the hybrid foam/innerspring mattress alternatives you’re likely considering. It’s simply a matter of whether you find latex comfortable or not.

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