Why people love it
  • Good mix of soft yet firm
  • Can flip it over to improve longevity of mattress
  • Feels more expensive than it is

Hybrid foam and innerspring mattresses are all the rage right now, but they usually cost a pretty penny…that’s not the case with the Dreamfoam mattress which is incredibly affordable. With a soft pillowtop and foam layer on top, firmer coils beneath, as well as the ability to use both sides of the mattress, this one will outlast the cheaper and not as well-made competition.

Because this is so cheaply priced, you should expect that it’ll start to sag within a year or two after heavy use.


Support: This mattress provides firm support while also offering a soft and comfortable pillowtop layer. And, despite having an innerspring layer, it’s as quiet as a mouse and stable enough where you won’t feel anyone else in the bed move.

Longevity: Complaints about sagging aren’t common, but they do occur. That said, most customers accept that with a cheaper mattress, the tradeoff is a shorter shelf life.

Price: If you want a quality sleep but are tight on funds right now, give the Dreamfoam a shot.

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