Why people love it
  • Easy to open at TSA security checkpoints
  • Excellent backpack, well-built and roomy
  • Comfortable, sturdy, and durable

This bag fits computers up to 17”, though the inner sleeve is recommended for protection. The lay-flat design is perfect for airport security. It also holds a decent amount of clothing, with lots of pockets for documents and travel papers.

Be a little careful with the zipper. A few users have reported issues after some time.


Construction: Traveling with a briefcase-styled carry-on screams power. But, when you're passing through airport security almost constantly you will want something truly comfortable and convenient. The material (polyester) is durable, and the Swiss-built backpack is guaranteed to last for years to come.

The TSA checkpoint-friendly backpack is designed to open quickly at airport security. Your clothes or electronics within will be fully visible, making it easier for the TSA to scan the backpack's contents easily. It's the perfect choice to take the hassle out of your travel inconveniences!

Features: The backpack features a water bottle pocket, an audio interface, and an Airflow Back system to reduce sweating as you haul the pack. The shoulder straps have enough padding to keep the pack comfortable, and you'll find it's great for walking, hiking, or cycling.

Price: At $60, this backpack is definitely the one you'll want if you go on business trips regularly. It takes all the hassle out of those TSA checkpoints!

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