Outlander Daypack

Most Durable Backpack

Why people love it
  • Will keep all of your belongings dry
  • Has many conveniently sized pockets
  • Perfect size for carrying what you need for the day and holds much more than it outwardly appears

This affordable backpack is ultra-lightweight, ultra-durable, and ultra-awesome. It's made for daily use or overseas travel. 

The side pockets are wide and loose so they aren't good for storing water bottles. 


Construction: This daypack can handle up to 33 liters, weighs half a pound, and is built to last. With multiple compartments and pockets for an umbrella, water bottle, and valuables, it's an awesome choice for those going on short outings. It's made from highly rip and water resistant nylon fabric. And, if anything should happen to your backpack, Outlander promises a lifetime warranty and will send you a new one. 

Although the pack may look small, it actually holds much more than you would think. It's a true space saver, and its compact size makes it perfect for travel as well. It folds into a zippered inner pocket so that you can tuck it inside your luggage or keep it in your car. 

Features: The Outlander bag is about as simple as it gets. There are three compartments and a few smaller pockets. However, it doesn't come with any fancy features. It's availble in nine awesome colors including green, blue, orange, red, pink, and purple. 

Price: You really can't beat the price of this backpack. At less than $20 for either size, it's the cheapest on our list. 

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