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S-ZONE Vintage Crazy Horse Genuine Leather Backpack
  • High quality craftsmanship and durable materials
  • Rugged style; the true MANLY backpack
  • Great for packing clothes while protecting electronics and documents
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Super rugged, stylish, made from genuine saddle leather, cotton lining, great storage space, water bottle holder included, leather darkens with use, and sized for carry-on luggage.

Pricey and not the largest capacity travel bag on our list.


Construction: For those who want to travel like real men, this leather backpack is absolutely worth the high price! It's made from genuine saddle leather that has been hand-stitched together, and the materials are beautifully rugged. Leather looks more beautiful with age, and this backpack will just get manlier as you use it.

It's not the largest pack on our list, so don't expect to fit a lot of items in at once. However, you'll love the built-in sleeves to protect your laptop (up to 17" screen) and other electronics. The soft cotton lining on the interior will prevent scratches or damage, and will keep your clothes fresh and smelling nice as you travel.

Features: The backpack comes with five front pockets for organizing your electronics, passport, and other documents, plus a water bottle holder. The straps may not have padding, but they will sit comfortably on your shoulders. They're beautifully easy to adjust and will keep the pack in the right position on your back to reduce strain.

The zippers are very durable, and they'll survive a lot of regular use. The old school-style buckles give this backpack a truly classic look you can't help but love.

Price: There's no doubt about it: this is a pricey backpack! However, given that it's made with 100% genuine leather, it's worth every penny—the perfect mix of stylish and rugged.


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