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eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible
  • The perfect bag for the savvy packer—fill it with A LOT of stuff
  • Super roomy and easy to pack
  • Maximum Legal Carry-On size ideal for U.S. travelers
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Sized just right for carry-on luggage, lots of pockets, good quality, feels solid, great organizational options, limited lifetime warranty, expansion zipper, and great for carrying laptops and other electronics.

Not the most comfortable for carrying and heavy even when empty.


Construction: Get one thing straight: this is a heavy backpack! It weighs 4 pounds empty, and it just gets heavier as you pack it. It also doesn't have good weight distribution, and it's one of the least comfortable options on our list.

That being said, it's the best backpack to take as a carry-on. Its dimensions (22" by 14" by 9") is the maximum legal size for carry-on in the United States. Simply put, it's as large as it gets while still legally being allowed to carry it onto the plane.

You get a lot of storage space from this backpack, and you'll find it's very handy for carrying not just clothes, but also electronics, gadgets, and any knickknacks or souvenirs you pick up on your travel. The expansion zipper gives you 10% more storage space!

Features: The backpack has a few internal dividers and compartments to make it easy to organize your stuff, with one extra pocket on the outside top of the pack. It's definitely an organizer's best friend, and it will make it easy for you to carry everything you want/need in one bag.

eBags come with a special "Laptop Sling" designed to securely cradle laptops and keep them safe while traveling.

Price: This is a pricey backpack, but built to last! It feels solid and durable to the touch, and you'll never have to worry about forgetting it anywhere. As long as you don't plan to do a lot of hiking or walking, this is your best choice for carry-on luggage.


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