Best Snowboarding Base Layer Shirt

Tesla Men's Thermal Wintergear Long-Sleeved Shirt
  • The perfect base layer for even the coldest temperatures
  • Long-sleeved, tight-fitting comfort and warmth
  • Durable and reliable running shirt

Super warm, lightweight fabric, good elasticity, versatile, lightweight, two-way air circulation, good quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties, broad range of patterns and colors, and very stylish.

Sizes run small and attracts lint in the wash.


Performance: If you want a good-looking baselayer snowboarding shirt for the winter, this is your top pick. Not only is it a stylish shirt—made by UnderArmour, with  the classic slim fit to emphasize your toned physique—but it comes in a broad range of colors and patterns (from textured to dark colors to camo to bright orange and red). This is the shirt professional athletes wear when skiing or snowboarding in winter months.

The manufacturer makes it clear that these shirts are sized to be tight, so you'll need to buy at least one or two sizes above normal to be comfortable. However, the slim fit ensures that your body heat is trapped near your skin, keeping you warm in winter. The tighter fit also makes it the perfect base layer under heavier sweaters and shirts. 

Features: The lightweight shirt is made out of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, meaning it has the perfect mix of elasticity and comfort. The moisture-sensing fabric will pull sweat away from your body as you shred the slopes, and it will dry quickly to prevent the winter cold from making you sick. The shirt also offers enough two-way air circulation to keep you from overheating without sacrificing warmth.

On the downside, this shirt is prone to odors. It's made with formaldehyde, so it's recommended you wash it once or twice before using. Be warned: the fabric attracts lint in the dryer. You're better off washing it in the machine and letting it dry in the sun.

Price: At $17, this is a great choice for a super-warm base layer. You'll find it keeps you warm even when the temperature is below zero.


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