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How to get one: There are tons of places where you can get a Serve prepaid debit card. Buy one at a gas station such as 7-Eleven, pick one up at Rite Aid or Walmart, or request one online. There’s no fee if you order a card online, but you’ll spend $4 or $5 if you do it in a store.

Who accepts it: Well-known retailers and restaurants, such as Walmart, Target, and McDonald’s, accept Serve payments. We’ve had some issues using it at local mom-and-pop shops, so carry a backup debit or credit card if you plan to visit small businesses or stores that don’t accept American Express.

Features: Features vary based on which plan you choose. We love the 1% cash back option for the American Express Serve Cash Back card, but we also dig the $0 cash reload fee associated with the American Express Serve Free Reloads card. All 3 cards available from Serve offer fraud protection and no fee, in-network ATM withdrawals, and we’re thankful we can upload paychecks from our smartphone instead of mailing them to American Express.

Fees: Fees are reasonable for the American Express Serve card. They’re average compared to other prepaid debit and credit cards, which is partly why we named this the Best Basic Prepaid Debit Card. The regular Serve card only charges $1 per month for maintenance, and you can get that fee waived if you add at least $500 per month via direct deposit. We’ve already told you about the fee-free ATM withdrawals, but we’re going to go ahead and mention them one last time because they totally rock. Heck, sometimes regular bank accounts even charge for ATM withdrawals.

Updated: 4 days ago