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How to get one: Request a prepaid PayPal Mastercard online, or buy one at a participating retailer. We’ve seen them at Walgreens.

Who accepts it: This prepaid debit card is accepted pretty much anywhere that takes MasterCard debit payments, including eBay. If you find a company that doesn’t take the card, send them a payment using the card’s online bill pay service.

Receiving rather than sending? Give the payment agency your card’s account number so they can send funds via direct deposit. We’re psyched that this prepaid debit card clears direct deposits up to 2 days early - it makes it so much easier for us to pay bills on time.

Features: Transform digital payments sent via PayPal into cash when you withdraw funds with this prepaid debit card. You can withdraw cash at an ATM or request cash back when you make a purchase at a participating retailer. If you need to load cash to the card, there are more than 130,000 NetSpent Reload Network locations to choose from.

We like that there’s a free savings account linked to the card. You earn an impressive 5% APY for balances smaller than $5000, which is a higher rate than we’ve seen many traditional banks offer.

Fees: The fees aren’t awful for the PayPal prepaid debit card, but they are higher than other cards on our list. We just keep reminding ourselves about all the fees associated with traditional checking and savings accounts, and that helps us make peace with shelling out the $4.95 monthly maintenance fee and the $0.50 fee to check our available balance (it’s free over the phone but costs $0.50 at an ATM).

Updated: 4 days ago