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Performance: If you need an uber-bright light to bring on your camping trip, this is the lantern for you. Not only do you get excellent usage (12 hours)from the light bulbs, but the light is ultra-bright. Its white light that's highly visible from miles away, and it will illuminate a wide radius—perfect for any campsite.

The lantern is made using military-grade materials, so it can handle a lot of wear and tear. They're lightweight, extremely portable, and can collapse to a cylinder almost small enough to fit in your cup-holder.

Features: The lantern comes with 30 individual LED light bulbs, and the design will shine a 360-degree arc of white light. Yet the LED bulbs are very low-consumption, and you get up to 12 hours of continuous use from the AA batteries included.

The handles are comfortable to grip and easy to hold, but they can fold tight against the lantern for easy storage. The lanterns are small enough to sit on any shelf or fit in any camping bag.

Price: Two amazingly bright, durable, long-lasting lanterns for less than $20? Excellent value for the price indeed!

Updated: 9 months ago