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Material: This 14-karat white gold band is approximately 58 percent pure gold. To create the silvery white color that is white gold, yellow gold is mixed with a combination of zinc, palladium, silver, and nickel. It is also commonly plated with rhodium to enhance the white coloring. Of course, you're probably wondering whether or not you should buy a band that is 100 percent gold or 24-karat. Well, 14-karat is actually stronger and will last you much longer than a 24-karat band. 

Design: This wedding band was designed by the impressive Scott Kay. It has smooth, polished edges with a raised center that adds a nice amount of rugged texture. Engraved inside is, "Scott Kay", so you'll never forget the man that designed your precious band. Or, so you can show off to all of your buddies what a cool wedding band you have. Also, the width of this sleek band is 8mm. 

Price: This band has one of the biggest price tags on our list. But for something that's handmade and symbolizes a lifelong commitment, you deserve to splurge on something you won’t get tired of seeing on your finger.


Updated: 7 months ago